Carbonomics® is a leader in helping businesses realize the potential of carbon credits in the US and international emission-trading markets. Carbonomics identifies greenhouse-gas (GHG) reduction opportunities, determines how projects can generate carbon credits, and guides companies through the entire process - from project inception to annual verification.

Carbonomics® also helps local governments set up community choice programs that accelerate renewable energy development and reduce GHGs.



Carbonomics' core business is navigating the complicated world of carbon offset credits. In both the US and around the world, businesses that reduce their GHG emissions may be able sell credits to large emitters seeking lower-cost ways to offset their own pollution. The concept is simple, but the practice is hard. If a company wants to sell carbon credits, it needs to go through the rigorous process of creating and registering an offset. Why? Every GHG-reducing project must meet certain standards to ensure the offsets are real and verifiable. These standards mean a lot of hoops to jump through - establishing clear baselines, third-party validation of projects, annual verification of offsets, etc. Carbonomics jumps through the hoops, so our clients and partners don't have to. Further complicating the picture is that these standards continue to evolve and change. But setting a high bar - even if it moves - is vital to ensure the integrity of offsets and prevent sellers from unloading questionable credits onto unsuspecting buyers.

In addition to guiding companies through the whole process, Carbonomics:

  • Finds buyers of carbon credits and negotiates the terms of the sale
  • Partners with clean technology companies to bring their products and services to the carbon market
  • Helps companies understand their potential risk for regulation and what can be done to turn that risk into opportunity